Alternative and complimentary therapies have been garnering attention as options for diseases that are difficult to treat.

This article in the American Journal of Managed Care discusses the applications of such therapies for treating dementia:

Dr Kalin Clifford Outlines Research Into Alternative/Complementary Therapies for Dementia

The article rightly points out the poorly understood and underutilized modality of “mindfulness techniques”, which we at Yi Guan refer to as mind-body practices. The application of these practices is well understood in Eastern medicine and are a cornerstone of all our treatment plans.

The mind-body practices we recommend for patients range from simple meditation exercises all the way up to deeper-level contemplative techniques. We fold in the best options from tai chi, qi gong, and other movement-based therapies; assuring that every treatment plan is customized to a patient’s needs, abilities, and interests.

Chinese medicine sees the mind and body as one. Calming the mind is often the first step Chinese doctors take when it comes to dealing with complex diseases.

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Dr. Dan Perez is both a Western-trained physician and a graduate of the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Based in Austin, Texas, AOMA is recognized as one of the leading schools in Chinese Medicine. Being both an expert in Western medicine and Chinese medicine, Dr. Perez offers his patients natural, minimally invasive and integrative medical options for treating a variety of chronic medical conditions. If you would like to know more about how Dr. Perez can help with your health and well being, contact him today. You can contact Dr. Perez at his office, located just off of Bee Cave Road in northwest Austin (near Lakeway), for more information or to book an appointment.