Why herbalism in the age of pharmaceuticals? Pharmaceuticals are laboratory-created concentrates of singular compounds whereas herbalism consists of preparations of mostly plant-based substances (with some animal and mineral sources) containing the wide array of chemical substances within that source, some more or less biochemically active, more or less concentrated. With that in mind, western pharmaceuticals have tightly dosed smaller portions with specific function whereas herbal remedies have broadly dosed large portions of more general function further back in the biochemical chain than the target effect.

While sometimes the singularly focused approach is exactly what is called for (like insulin for diabetics or antibiotics for bacterial infection), sometimes it truly is the broader general effect that the body needs to deal with what ails it. Over the numerous generations stretching from ancient times to the modern era, Chinese herbalists have been honing the perfect blend of herbal substances to approach a full spectrum of ailments with undeniably favorable outcomes, and in some instances in alleviating issues modern therapies have yet to adequately tackle.

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