Treatment Pricing



Each session will have a tailored mix of acupuncture and other techniques, herbal consultation and prescription, and mini mediation/qigong instruction at the end of your session. The first 90-minute appointment and follow-up 60-minute appointments are all $100.


$90 initial visit / $50 follow-up visits

Sensitive to needles? Or maybe you’re looking for services for your child? You can still benefit from the Eastern medical approach with our herbal-only consultations. And since no needles will be placed, these visits are available in telemedicine format.



Chinese medicine is all about finding imbalances and shifting them back to center. This makes it perfectly suited for preventative medicine. Find your problems before they start causing problems. We will figure out where you are with a holistic assessment, determine where you want to be, strategize how to get there with acupuncture, herbs, and mind-body techniques, and how to stay there by helping you develop a balanced routine that is fit for your life the way you want to run it. The package includes 1 initial assessment (normally $65), 1 treatment (normally $100), 1 private qigong/meditation class (normally $60), and includes ongoing life/health strategizing to build help build good long-lasting natural holistic health optimizing routines. This package is perfect for people who want to optimize their health and feel younger, stronger, and healthier. Not a subscription service, pay only one time and use at your convenience.



As we become an increasingly holistic health-conscious society, there is a growing desire for health-optimizing supplements and nutraceuticals. There are already many good products on the market. These supplements are usually loaded with a large number of adaptogens, mushroom, and plant-based substances. And while each of these has research-proven benefits, such a large number in just one formula, from the eye of Chinese herbalism, is not always optimal. Our custom medicinal tea service lets you tap into that herbal knowledge, honed over centuries, so you can devise a formula for you that is very clear and specific to your constitution and your goals for optimization. The service includes a holistic Eastern medical assessment to determine the perfect blend for you, as well as a 60g supply of your custom medicinal tea.



30-min private classes

Tea Pricing

Calm Voice


If you have a dry, scratchy throat, or a hoarse voice from overuse, have a cup of this to calm things down. This formula is also available as honey pills.

Ingredients: Sterculia seed, loquat leaf, Ophiopogon tuber, figwort root

Concealing Dragon


Increase your vital essence with this herb pair designed to increase both your kidney yin and yang. Combining herbs with strong energy boosters that are high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids for youthful invigoration, this is perfect to use alone or with other morning medicinal supplements. Coordinate with Lulling Tiger for balanced morning and evening medicinal teas.

Ingredients: Fleece Flower root (He Shou Wu), Walnut

Dragon Powder


This hot natured tea stokes the flames of the lower chamber. Use it to invigorate your yang energies, including your libido.

Ingredients: Dry fried aconite root, cinnamon, mutton tallow fried epimedii

Dream Sand


Like powder from the Sandman’s pouch, this tea is designed to nourish and settle the spirit to help you fall into a restful sleep.

Ingredients: ziziphus seed, poria mushroom

Free and Easy Wanderer


This tea is designed to smooth emotions and nourish depletions. Named after the daoist philosophical concept of xiao yao, or free and easy wandering, this is the formula for those who could do with a bit of carefree wandering.

Ingredients include: bupleuri radix, angelicae sinensis, paeoniae radix, atractylodis radix, poria, zingiberis rhizome, herba mentha

Lulling Tiger


This is a long well-known herb pair used to calm the spirit. One herb nourishes the blood and the other relieves constraint and harmonizes your energy. Together they form a smooth-tasting tea that both settles an agitated mind and nourishes a tired one. Coordinate with Concealing Dragon tea for balanced morning and evening medicinal teas.

Ingredients: Silk tree bark, Fleece flower vine



Created by famed Yuan Dynasty physician Zhu Danxi, this formula is designed to break the “six constraints”. For to move stagnation of the muscles, joints, digestive system, even the mind, use a serving of this spice mix to escape restraint.

Ingredients: Lovage rhizome, nutgrass rhizome, gardenia fruit seed, atractylodes rhizome, hawthrone fruit, cinnamon twig

Northwest Passage


Stuffy nose? Nasal congestion? Sinus headache? This mixture disperses “wind”, unblocks the nose, and alleviates pain.

Ingredients: xanthii fructus, magnoliae flos, angelicae dahuricae radix

Phoenix Powder


Delicate and mysterious, use this tea to nourish and stimulate your yin nature including your libido.

Ingredients: Butterfly pea flower, schisandra fruit, reishi mushroom



Ever get all choked up, like there was something in your throat you couldn’t swallow down. Got a brow that won’t unfurrow? Containing magnolia bark, a known adaptogen, a cup of this will make things go down smoother.

Ingredients: Pinellia rhizome, magnolia bark, poria mushroom, ginger, perilla leaf



Also known as Jade Wind Screen powder, this tea augments qi and stabilizes the exterior. In other words, it boosts the immune system, for active issues or preventatively.

Ingredients: honey fried astragali radix, atractylodis rhizome, saposhnikoviae radix



Do you get itching sensations when your skin gets dry or warm, or when you experience physical or emotional strain? Let the cool wind clearing herbs in this tea clear away the discomfort and settle your mind and body.

Ingredients: Uncaria vine, saposhnikovia root, gardenia seed, Fleece flower vine

Pill Pricing

Calm Voice Pills


If you have a dry, scratchy throat, or a hoarse voice from overuse, have a few of these honey pills to calm things down. This formula is also available as a powdered tea.

Ingredients: Sterculia seed, loquat leaf, ophiopogon, figwort root, honey, isatis leaf powder

Preserve Harmony Pills


Feeling heavy, sluggish, or overstuffed after eating too much? Restore and preserve harmony with this mix of hawthorn fruit, tangerine peel, and ginger. Take a couple of these pills directly or dissolve them into warm water and drink like a tea.

Ingredients: Hawthorne fruit, tangerine peel, pinellia rhizome, poria mushroom, ginger, medicated leaven

Contains gluten

Relax the Reins


These pills are based on the classic formula shao yao gan cao tang, specifically designed for muscle cramping in the legs or abdomen. When your muscles are cramping and running wild, take a few pills to relax the reins.

Ingredients: peony root, licorice root, turmeric tuber

Settle the Emotions Pills


This is the original formula and preparation of our Moonstruck wine powder. Created by
Sun SiMiao “herb king” of the Tang dynasty, these pills are designed to calm the spirit
and strengthen resolve.

Ingredients: ginseng radix, poria mushroom, acori rhizome, polygalae radix, honey

Other Herbal Products Pricing

Calm Down Cookie Mix


Based after the formula Yi Gan San or Restrain the Liver powder, this pediatric formula was designed to smooth and subdue the liver and clear heat. In other words, to calm you down. It is has been used to restrain flares of temper tantrums, irritability, and impatience. Classically served as a powdered tea, that same powder can be put into cookies with virtually the same effect. Add this herb powder to a cookie recipe and the next time you need to cool down, just have a cookie!

Ingredients include: atractylodis rhizome, poria, angelica sinensis, Chinese foxglove, bupleuri radix, licorice root, and uncaria vine

Dragon Grass Foot Soak


After a long hard day, what could be better than soaking your feet in a nice warm bath. Adding herbs is what! This mix of sophora root, artemesia, and safflower is designed to invigorate the blood to ease pain and stagnation. Adding dragon gallbladder grass and isatis leaf bark help with brittle cracked yellow toenails. Includes 3 bags, enough for 1 week of foot tingling soaks.

Fill a basin or pot with hot water up to ankle height. Put the bag in the hot water, wait roughly 20 minutes for the water to cool and for the herbs to steep in the water. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. Bag can be retained for second steeping the next day.

Five Venoms Powder


Based on the classic formula Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin (five flavored powder to eliminate toxins), this powder is mixed with warm water or warm rice wine (sake) to make a topical paste. It is designed for red, warm, sensitive skin lesions, making it perfect for treating acne or fire ant bites. The powder is sold with an application kit and instructions. Retain the glass vial and get refills of the powder for discounted prices.

Five Venoms Powder instructions:

Using the scooper, place enough powder to cover the lesion in the lid of the vial. Use the dropper to put 1 drop of warm water or warm sake onto the powder. Stir until evenly mixed, it should look like a thick paste. Add more powder if it is too thin. use the scoop to mix it and spread it in the bandage. Place the bandage over the lesion and retain for roughly 24 hours. There should be a slight tingling or itching within the first 15 minutes of applying the bandage. This is normal and expected. The powder does not expire. The vial should be enough for at least 20 bandages.

Moonstruck Powder


Enjoy a nice glass of red to soothe the nerves? Flavor your wine wtih “Settle the Emotions powder” (a formula from Sun Si Miao, the herb king of the Tang Dynasty).

Ingredients: ginseng radix, poria, acori rhizome, polygalae radix

Pearl Soap


Pearl powder has been a skin care treatment passed down from antiquity used to ensure clean, bright, beautiful skin. Our pearl soap incorporates herbs with known properties for healing and nourishing the skin. Made in collaboration with Austin-based artisanal soap creator Solid Soaps, this blend of topical herb powder and saponified olive, coconut, palm and castor oil with peppermint and tea tree essential oils can help bring some luster to your skin.

Visit to see her other fabulous soap and candle products.

Dr. Dan Perez is both a Western-trained physician and a graduate of the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Based in Austin, Texas, AOMA is recognized as one of the leading schools in Chinese Medicine. Being both an expert in Western medicine and Chinese medicine, Dr. Perez offers his patients natural, minimally invasive and integrative medical options for treating a variety of chronic medical conditions. If you would like to know more about how Dr. Perez can help with your health and well being, contact him today. You can contact Dr. Perez at his office, located just off of Bee Cave Road in northwest Austin (near Lakeway), for more information or to book an appointment.