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A few words About our name

In classical Chinese, yi guan translates to the concept of “linking.” The clinic shares the name of an elegant classical formula that links several patterns of symptoms under one treatment principle. It is the mission of our clinic to link East and West, as well as ancient and modern, into one elegant treatment philosophy and practice.

Though different characters and tonal pronunciation, a homonym for yi guan translates to “medical officer,” and is an homage to Dr. Perez’s prior career as a medical examiner, bringing a honed skill in diagnostic pattern recognition to bear in increasing the health and longevity of his patients.

Dr. Dan Perez

Dr. Perez has a longstanding interest in traditional Chinese medicine and culture. His first martial arts and qigong master was a skilled Chinese herbal practitioner and Daoist scholar who regularly demonstrated the practical benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. Before completing his training at AOMA in Austin, Dr. Perez studied East Asian languages and culture at Columbia University while majoring in molecular biology. He went on to attend medical school in New York and completed his training as a forensic pathologist in Texas. Repeated and preventable patterns of disease observed during years of autopsies spurred him to pursue his dream of expanding his understanding of systems of wellness and illness beyond that of allopathic medicine. His mission at Yi Guan Acupuncture and Herbalism is to link his past training and experience—a culmination of a life of interest.

  • Master of Acupuncture with a specialization in Chinese Herbalism – AOMA, Austin, Texas
  • Forensic Pathology Fellow – Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, San Antonio, Texas
  • Anatomical and Clinical Patholog Residency – Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY
  • Anatomical and Clinical Pathology Internship – George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, DC
  • Doctorate of Medicine – State University of New York at Downstate College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  • Bachelor of Arts – Columbia University, New York, NY

Treatment Pricing

Single Treatment


At this time our $50 consultation fee is waived, so both your first 90-minute appointment and follow-up 60 appointments are all $100. Each session will have a tailored mix of acupuncture and other techniques, herbal consultation and prescription, and mini mediation/qigong instruction at the end of your session.

Package of 5 Treatments


A 10% discount. Packages do not expire. Use them at whatever frequency is works for you. Perfect for chronic conditions where initial frequency of treatments is important.

Package of 10 Treatments


A 20% discount. Packages do not expire. Use them at whatever frequency is works for you. Perfect for on-going conditions where a frequency of treatments is important.

Monthly Subscription Service


The monthly service includes 2 full acupuncture sessions, 2 mini-acupuncture treatments, and 10% off any other additional services or in house herbal products. Save $100! This service has a combined full-price value of $270. Time it out right and get 1 treatment a week for the month! At this time there is no long-term commitment. Cancel at any time before the 5th of the month.

Herbal-only consultation


Sensitive to needles? Or maybe you’re looking for services for your child? You can still benefit from the Eastern medical approach with our herbal-only consultations. And since no needles will be placed, these visits are available in telemedicine format.

Acupuncture Mini Treatments


Got a migraine coming on? Or are your allergies stuffing you up too much? Certain symptoms can be quickly cleared with a needle or two with deft needle technique applied. These are “community style” treatments lasting up to 15 minutes and are provided in a zero-gravity chair in the common area. Established patients only. See our FAQ for other rules and restrictions.

Herbal Mini Treatments


Got a fire ant bite or any other type of red tender painful bump? How about a nasty bruise you just got bumping into a table? Or mosquito bite that’s itching to the point of distraction? Come in for a one-time application of either Five Venoms Powder, Iron Palm Bruise Liniment, or White Flower for itches and aches. Or pick up a single dose of one of Yi Guan’s herbal tea remedies, including some varieties not for sale otherwise. These herbal mini-treatments Include a discount on the full herbal product if purchased at time of service.

Group Tai Chi Class


30- to 45-min group classes

Private Tai Chi Class


30- to 45-min private classes

Tea Pricing

Dream Sand


Like powder from the Sandman’s pouch, this tea is designed to nourish and settle the spirit to help you fall into a restful sleep

Ingredients: ziziphus seed, poria

Northwest Passage


Stuffy nose? Nasal congestion? Sinus headache? This mixture disperses “wind,” unblocks the nose, and alleviates pain.

Ingredients: xanthii fructus, magnoliae flos, angelicae dahuricae radix



Also known as Jade Wind Screen powder, this tea augments qi and stabilizes the exterior. In other words, it boosts the immune system, for active issues or preventatively.

Ingredients: astragali radix, atractylodis rhizome, saposhnikoviae radix

Free and Easy Wanderer


This tea is designed to smooth emotions and nourish depletions. Named after the daoist philosophical concept of xiao yao, or free and easy wandering, this is the formula for those who could do with a bit of carefree wandering. 

Ingredients include: bupleuri radix, angelicae sinensis, paeoniae radix, atractylodis radix, poria, zingiberis rhizome, herba menth 

Five Venoms Powder


Based on the classic formula Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin (five flavored powder to eliminate toxins), this powder is mixed with warm water or warm rice wine (sake) to make a topical paste. It is designed for red, warm, sensitive skin lesions, making it perfect for treating acne or fire ant bites. The powder is sold with an application kit and instructions. Retain the glass vial and get refills of the powder for discounted prices.

Moonstruck Powder


Enjoy a nice glass of red to soothe the nerves? Flavor your wine with “Settle the Emotions powder” (a formula from Sun Si Miao, the herb king of the Tang Dynasty).  

Ingredients: ginseng radix, poria, acori rhizome, polygalae radix

Calm Down Cookie Mix


Based after the formula Yi Gan San or Restrain the Liver powder, this pediatric formula has been used to restrain flares of temper tantrums, irritability, and impatience. Classically served as a powdered tea, but you can add this herb powder to a cookie recipe and the next time you need to cool down, just have a cookie! 

Ingredients include: atractyloidis rhizome, poria, angelica sinensis, Chinese foxglove, bupleuri radix, licorice root, and uncaria vine

Dragon Grass Foot Soak


After a long hard day, what could be better than soaking your feet in a nice warm bath. Adding herbs is what! This mix of sophora root, artemesia, and safflower is designed to invigorate the blood to ease pain and stagnation. Adding dragon gallbladder grass and isatis leaf bark help with brittle cracked yellow toenails. Includes 3 bags, enough for 1 week of foot tingling soaks.


Dr.Perez is excellent. I went to see him for migraines that I have had for over 20 years. He took his time to truly understand the root cause of the issue and not only did he help my migraines he improved my overall well-being. He is a talented, caring doctor and he is truly an expert in his field.

Lisa K., Bee Cave

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Perez! He really listens to every detail, and always crafts a treatment that works. I’ve never worked with anyone this patient! He has helped me with everything from an upset stomach after antibiotics to facial palsy and I truly believe he is personally invested in improving my health. I strongly recommend him to anyone searching to improve their health.

Sarah W., Bee Cave

I feel very fortunate to have been treated by you. You have always managed to pinpoint the important areas to work on and now, finally, there is progress showing in those areas. As you say “acupuncture doesn’t happen overnight”. Thank you for your patience, concern, and persistence in my treatment.

Margaret C., Austin

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