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What do you seek?

People choose to come to my practice in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for a variety of reasons. What is your desired outcome? What is your health and wellness motivation?

Integrative Herbalism

Our herbal strategies are designed to complement your existing medication and supplement regimens.

Integrative Treatment Options

If your existing treatment plan is not giving you the desired results in the expected time frame, a consultation with a physician trained in both Eastern and Western medicine could be just what you need.

Benefits of Western Medical Training

An Eastern medical specialist who also leverages years of training and experience in Western medicine can more fully understand your ailments from both perspectives and communicate clearly with the rest of your healthcare team.

Linked Together

Yi guan translates to “linked together.” Our patients appreciate the variety of medical services we offer and the holistic way they are combined forming one singular approach.

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Even in the age of pharmaceuticals, herbalism can be used to great effect. Herbs and supplements can be confusing to the patient looking for natural solutions. Leverage our expertise and medical training to recommend a whole-body approach that links an understanding of Western medications and ancient herbal practices.

Dr. Perez has utilized Chinese herbalism to successfully address a variety of issues including seasonal allergy symptoms, acute and chronic pain, men’s health concerns, insomnia, stress management, and even select pediatric concerns.


Schedule a consultation and learn how Dr. Perez uses his Eastern and Western medical expertise combined with extensive training in internal arts (taijiquan, qi gong, meditation) to provide acupuncture solutions that focuses less on quantity of needles and more on precision and technique.

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Meet Dr. Dan Perez

Motivated to help patients experiencing preventable ailments, Dr. Perez was inspired to look beyond Western medicine to Eastern medical solutions. Learn more about how Dr. Perez combines his Western medical background with his Eastern medical trainings and experience with Eastern philosophy and energy work to provide wellness solutions for your unique health challenges.

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Taijiquan (T’ai chi ch’uan) fosters improved balance, range of motion, and mobility while promoting relaxation through smooth mindful movements and gentle partner work. Group classes are offered.


Improve your health and energy with mindful calisthenic practices honed over the centuries. Dr. Perez’s longstanding background in practicing and teaching internal arts is put to good use designing tailormade mind-body practices, the perfect addition to any existing regimen.  


Heal and strengthen the singular mind-body with very effective meditative routines from ancient China that have been developed and honed over centuries. 


acupuncture for fatigue

Acupuncture For Fatigue

Dr. Dan Perez explains the benefits of acupuncture and herbal remedies for fatigue, specifically chronic fatigue syndrome.


  • What is acupuncture, and does it hurt?
  • What are the most common ailments that are treated by Eastern medicine?
  • What can I expect from my first treatment?