Herbal Tea Remedies

Where to get Tea?

Drinking tea has a growing reputation for its health benefits. People in the area might be familiar with the Steeping Room or Austin Tea Xchange. And while they serve tasty high quality teas, maybe you were searching for something more specifically medicinal. For people in Austin looking for Chinese herbal tea remedies, Yi Guan Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism can give you what you need.

Herbal remedies come in all kinds of formats

While Chinese herbal remedies come in many formats, from pills to tinctures to decoctions, my personal favorite way to prepare Chinese formulas are in powders, called san (散) in Chinese. Whether they are ground-up fresh herbs in the traditional way or lab-made concentrated granules in the modern era, these are normally taken dissolved in warm water. In other words: tea.

A wide variety of teas to choose from

One of the most popular varieties is called xiao yao san, which translates into free and easy wanderer powder. A mix of bupleurum, angelica root, peony root, and a few others, this tea is well known to settle some of both the mental and physical aspects of having a too busy too stressed life. This only scratches the surface, though. A Chinese herbalist has hundreds of substances at their disposal, each with its own health benefits. The real power comes from the strategic combinations of these herbs.

Teas designed specifically for you

I’ve put together some teas that have been helpful with things from headaches and shoulder pain to dry itchy eyes, nasal congestion, or a sore throat. I know these work, because I’ve tried them myself. Need help sleeping? I’ve made a tea for that. Ever feel a little bloated and sluggish after too much barbecue? We’ve got one for that too! We can formulate a powdered tea designed specifically for you and what you’re facing.

If you’re in the Austin area and want to know how Chinese herbal tea remedies can help you, then contact us today.