Concerned about herb safety?

Great care is taken to ensure there are no unwanted or adverse interactions between herbal remedies and any medications the patient might also be on. All pharmaceuticals and supplements taken by the patient are cross referenced with all substance in each prescribed herbal regimen in in the most current literature to ensure that there are no contraindications or negative interactions. It is within Yi Guan Chinese Herbalism’s practice philosophy to tailor your herbal remedies around any existing pharmaceutical regimens as well as personal needs, including preferences on animal products and substances containing gluten.

Some patients have concerns about the general quality assurance and control of substances perceived to be out of the immediate oversight of the FDA and other stateside advisory boards. Most herb distribution companies are aware of this apprehension and thus adhere strictly to extensive manufacturing and business standards. Sources from endangered species or with unsustainable harvesting practices are strictly not used in our remedies. Yi Guan Chinese Herbalism only works with highly reputable distribution companies. These are based in the United States and locally and internationally source their herbs under these highest manufacturing practice standards. Follow these links to read more about their manufacturing quality and assurance and control.

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